Terms & Conditions

I agree that the following personal information will be collected by Sponsor in this Contest solely for the purposes of administering the Contest and verifying an Entrant’s identity, age, postal address, email address, and telephone number in the event an entry qualifies for a prize; name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Failure to provide all necessary personal information may result in entrants participation in the Contest being deemed ineligible. Entrant information will not be shared with other individuals or companies without an entrants express consent. Entrant information will be deleted by Sponsor within 12 months following the conclusion of the Contest. Sponsor is not responsible for any false or missing information. Entrants agree that their personal information will be stored and processed by Sponsor in the United States. Entrant personal information may also be transferred to countries outside of their jurisdiction of residence, including the United States. Such other countries may not have privacy laws and regulations that provide the same level of protection to those that exist in your jurisdiction of residence. By providing personal information in connection with the Contest, entrants hereby expressly consent to such transfers of their personal information to the United States or other countries [NOTE: Express consent (i.e., a check box on the entry page) of this potential data transfer must be administered; the inclusion of this language in these official rules is unlikely to be viewed as acceptable on its own.]. Entrants have the right to review, rectify or cancel any personal data held by Sponsor by contacting Sponsor at info@hireinfluence.com Entrants also have the right to lodge questions or complaints with a supervisory authority at any time.In the event an entrant opted-in to allow Sponsor to share their personal information with other individuals or companies and no longer wish to do so, or entrant no longer wishes to participate in the Contest, entrant may inform Sponsor at any time by contacting Sponsor at info@hireinfluence.com. Sponsor 's Privacy Policy can be reviewed at: https://hireinfluence.com/privacy-policy/.

Sponsor agrees to ensure that the collection of all personal information complies with (i) all applicable laws, including without limitation, all state and federal laws, corporate standards, policies, regulations, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) (collectively “Applicable Laws”) (ii) the principles, guidelines, rules and codes of conduct of self-regulatory organizations such as the Digital Advertising Alliance, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Direct Marketing Association, and other self-regulatory organizations to which third parties providing services, platforms, and data are bound, and any required notices and consents; and (iii) privacy disclosures and information collection requirements imposed on advertisers by targeting of media in order to comply with Applicable Laws. Where required by Applicable Laws, Sponsor will deploy appropriate notices and functionality to obtain authorizations and consents as required.